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Beyond Director Head Hunting:

Strong board performance involves more than finding “magic bullet” directors. Clarifying purpose and monitoring are equally important – here is the why and how: Beyond Director Head Hunting

Economic Impacts:

As estimating economic impacts becomes increasingly popular, basic flaws in present approaches become more of a problem. In this paper Brent Wheeler develops an alternative model which overcomes some disadvantages and has the potential to improve results. Read it here:  Economic impacts as options

Institutional Arrangements and the Innovation Process:

It is common for Governments to look for economic salvation through innovation and R&D. Policies are then adopted and funds allocated. In NZ some $130m over three years. Is this realistic? This paper examines the findings of the literature and current thinking about innovation to highlight its characteristics and the specific challenges which the institutional arrangements typical of governments pose. Read it here:   Innovation Paper

A Note on Ten Principles of Good Governance:

The word is so popular with journalists and commentators as to render its content close to vacuous in many contexts. At the same time, experience and thinking in relation to governance has developed to the point where generic principles may be recognised. Those principles can serve as both guide to developing governance structure and process as well as creating something of a benchmark for evaluation. This paper summarises and explains the principles. Read it here: Ten Principles of Good Governance

The Unique Governance Issues of Small to Medium Enterprises:

The general call for “improved governance” is frequently applied to the SME sector – uncritically this paper argues. SMEs have specific characteristics which mean that treating their governance as an exercise in them as “mini PLCs” is inappropriate. The paper teases out the particular governance issues which SMEs face and suggests better means for dealing with their governance. Read it here:  SME II paper

Governance in New Zealand – Retrospect and Prospect:

Governance advisory company The Boardroom Practice has now been operating for 10 years and the decades experience provides one lenses for examining the development of governance in NZ in both the public and private sectors. This paper offers an appraisal of progress, comment on outstanding issues, identification of areas which remain uneven in their treatment and some signposts for future development. Read it here: BW Governance Paper 2013 4

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