Culture is the possibly inadequate word we use in trying to capture the way in which a company works, the manner in which it delivers to clients, what it sees as important in the way it goes about its business and the priorities it attaches to its philosophy and mode of operation.

However inadequate the concept may be a plethora of evidence shows that the way sustainable valued performance is determined is in large measure by culture.

The culture of BWGL outside the standard “must do” areas of delivering on time, to budget and to the highest professional levels is dominated by:

Innovation – most companies are keen to stress their innovation and creativity. What is different about innovation at BWGL is that the process is steeped in what the research shows is the exciting but hard to accept facts that innovation is:

Frequently a genuinely random process with coincidence and accident playing a major role. Luck is important;

Thrives on mistakes, errors and failure. This is easy to say and hard to live with. Without failure there is little innovation; and,

Neither money alone, nor government prodding or subsidy makes a decisive difference and certainly cannot be relied upon for success.

We work hard at embracing these realities about innovation for what they are so as to maximise the chances of being creative and innovative in our work and with our clients.

Technology – we seek to be as close to the cutting edge of the technology applicable to the our business as we possibly can be. The reasons are that we believe it helps us deliver a better service and, quite simply it is interesting and fun.

Brent started programming in the early 1970s and has been close to IT related processes and products ever since. So we have the latest in hardware and software, mobile technology and we are constantly experimenting with IT of all kinds in all parts of our lives and in our work.

This means embracing change, modernity, innovation, learning, up skilling, training, experimenting, trial and error and – just often enough – there is remarkable progress in what can be done.

Communication – almost nothing we do is of any use and neither does it create any value unless and until it is communicated effectively. Thus we constantly strive to improve

Our oral communication;

Our written communication;

Our numerical communication; and,

Our electronic communication.

This means – in line with the value we put on education – Reading Writing and Arithmetic never stop. We consistently try to write, present, format, illustrate and explain what we do, why we do it and why it is value creating for clients in new and better ways.

Brent has, not infrequently and possibly to the detriment of his net worth, been described as “blunt”. He is unapologetic. The high quality of our clients evidences the value of the BWGL cultural norm which calls for:

Truth before comfort