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Retirement Drama Queens – Misleading in Drag

Yesterday sees an analyst who should know better decrying the fact that “10% of people are relying on inheritance for their retirement”. The implication? How shocking….. bludging off hard working Mum and Dad. Something must be done. Immediately. Preferably by the government. That means you Jacinda……..

Unnoticed goes “90% of people NOT reliant on inheritance for retirement”….. Implication? Wow…. That many? So other arrangements – pension schemes. Work, saving, investments, assets, insurance – you name it – feature in some plan for the future for 90% of people. Perhaps we are responsible, know at least roughly what we are doing….. don’t need drama and the tax payer is not necessarily going to suffer. Better yet…. The government can get on with trying to perform its core role of setting sensible basic ground rules so people can help themselves doing what they are best at – ensuring their own wellbeing.

And the “alarmists” ? Go to drama school or Post Grad Attention Seeking class.

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