Mr A Little: Knows how to do better but refuses

11th October 2013

Andrew Little continues to call for a “Living Wage”

If we assume

  1. He has a good brain, is well experienced and has led his union – one of the better thinking amongst unions – very successfully;
  2. he knows that his hard working members who have worked long and hard to reach $18.40 an hour or better through education, training, and experience will not be happy to be trounced by $13.75 workers suddenly getting $18.40 at the stroke of a pen;
  3. he understands relativity better than most in the country;
  4. he knows that any serious attempt to allow employment only at a rate of $18.40 an hour or better would  render thousands jobless in an instant; and,
  5. he knows that a rough guess by a couple of priests at what it takes to live in NZ is not an objective or scientific basis for anything,

he therefore knows that – the entire “living wage” concept as conceived at present is simple silly, not to be taken seriously by serious people of the left or the right and that it damages his hitherto good credentials.

Two questions arise

  1. Why would he advocate the policy? And at the same time drag others to whom much of the above also applies into supporting it; and,
  2. why does no one hold him to account for not using his considerable brain and good sense to useful purpose.

Failure to use your brain is forgivable if you haven’t got one.

Failure to understand the policy and having to have it pointed out to you by the Greens (that Civil Servants are not the target) is at least humorous and typically Cunliffian.

BUT: Pretending you can’t think and that you support policy you know is demonstrably harmful is irresponsible.

Some accountability for using your brain would be handy.

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