The melting of logic

9th November 2013

What exactly is the value of this little effort:

Much of northern New Zealand, including Auckland, and parts of the South Island would be almost wiped out by rising sea levels if all the world's ice melted, according to new mapping by National Geographic magazine.

I’m sure that is the case just as there is absolutely and without doubt a positive probability that you will die if you are born.

Even the National Geographic tells us that this melting would take 5,000 years. A little longer than a long term Government bond then.

I’m sure the cartographers at National Geographic had a “big time” doing the mapping and since its paid for by consenting subscribers that’s cool. It was a dead easy story to fill a hole in a newspaper or two and it passed the time for people to read it…

As for anything else? To the extent that there are serious issues to discuss regarding climate change this sort of self indulgent, speculative nonsense merely threatens to stop people taking the discussion seriously. Editorial judgment in publishing this 2/10 (the 2 is because the map may be colourful).

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