The utterly idiotic as a guaranteed policy success

27th November 2013

The notion that a couple of vicars have figured out that there is such a thing as a living wage, have gone on to sort out what that “number” is and further opined that it should apply freely to one and all regardless of consequences is utterly idiotic and bizarre.

So much so that no one bothers to summon up the energy to take it to pieces and advise these Gents to stick to their arguably easier to justify belief – that God is a good fellow and to be followed… at least that is their core business.

Since no one serious (those who believe in free lunches are not serious) takes this particular sermon seriously, no one takes the need to demolish it seriously and – thus – it meets no serious opposition (apart from the almost single handed Farrar blog).

Result? A number of institutions such as the Auckland City Council decide they will implement it. Various other nut bars, as one of my esteemed legal colleagues refers to such persons, leading various other (presumably) nuthouses are keen to follow suite.

Somewhere someone did say – if you are going to tell lies – make them big lies. Apparently the advice is sage.

Policy by idiocy is a dangerous process – we would do well to beware.

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