What engineers think of themselves…. and what the rest of us think

10th May 2014

I read today in Phil Rosenzweig’s brilliant new book Left Brain, Right Stuff that in one study of performance and reward systems, 37% of engineers rate themselves in the top 5% of all professionals.

The stat is quoted in part of an explanation of why such numbers (including the very common assertion that “x” (being some number well over 50%) of drivers rate themselves as better than average drivers – plainly an arithmetic impossibility, but not necessarily surprising or irrational.

Rosenzweig is ever worth reading since his analysis is careful and thorough. He is never afraid to knock so called gurus with cute stories, statistics or Nobel prizes.

I am confident that I am not being overconfident in asserting that the statistic about engineers will come as no surprise to more than 37% of non engineer readers.

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