Difficult “compassionate” numbers from Greece

29th July 2015

Reform to the Greek pension scheme was a major sticking point in recent “negotiations”  Some facts about the previous Greek pension system:

1. The average Greek pension equates to 95% of final salary, compared to an average 40% for Europe
2. Employees could retire and get the pension at age 55 if their occupation was deemed arduous
3. Hairdressing was deemed an arduous profession.
4.Greece has the highest number of 110 year olds in the world.
5. Families would keep claiming pensions of dead relatives

Other minor issues:

*  Greece has four times the numbers of teachers than Finland.
*  Finland ranks at the top of the education tables with the Greeks are at the bottom.
*  Greek teachers are better paid than Finnish teachers
*  Over 25% of Greeks in employment are government employees
*  The average wage for train workers is €66k ($NZD108,000)
*  The Institute for the conservation of the Kopias Lake employed 1763 people,
*  the lake that has been drained since 1930

By 2060 it is projected that 86% of the population will be dependent on the state.

Figures complied by David Farrar

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