“Oscar” is not another term for “MD”

3rd July 2015

Brand contamination is the curse of marketers. Where one’s brand becomes associated with just what you don’t want it to be – think palm oil and Cadbury or Nestle and bad recipe milo – is not what you want.

Unsolicited promotion of personal obsessions and factually flawed junk logic such as anti vaccine stances is a form of what we might term “reverse brand contamination”.

We should check facts before bowing to our love of celebrity by  confusing their entertainment skills with sound medical advice.

David Farrar is apposite on this:

Carrey, Kerr and Clement are experts in acting. If you want to learn how to be a better actor, you should listen to them.

However taking the advice of celebrity actors on whether you should vaccinate your children is stupid and dangerous - it's like getting medical advice from some bloke in a pub.

Even some of us musicians have learned the hard way that you don’t have to cut your wrists to play the blues…. many tragic but brilliant blues players notwithstanding.

Just how easy it is to get facts wrong is perhaps underlined by the fact that the Herald managed to spell Jim Carrey’s name wrongly twice within a paragraph on this subject.

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