Obesity or scaremongering

6th July 2018

Obesity or scaremongering

Evidently TWO million New Zealanders will be obese in 20 years’ time,  or so new research reveals in the ODT this week.

A University of Otago report published this week in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health showed the average body mass index (BMI) of New Zealanders increased from 26.4kg/m in 1997 to 28.3kg/m in 2015.

If the trend continued, New Zealand’s average BMI would exceed the obesity threshold of 30kg/m by the early 2030s.

The previous day a similar article discussed the problems with BMI measurements and showed us that Richie McCaw can be categorised as "obese". When All Black captain Richie McCaw was measured against the BMI index in his rugby playing prime he was borderline "obese". All the All Blacks  were at least overweight.

The limitations of the BMI are well known, well evidenced and widespread. Why then is a Doctor, fully aware of this, misleading us in this way. Is this attention seeking or helping.

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