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Brent Wheeler Group is an economics, investment and governance advisory firm based in Dunedin NZ. The word Group is used because the company works in partnership with firms Principal Brent Wheeler is a Chair or Director of, frequently working as part of various law, economics and finance teams, emphasising the company’s firm belief in building long lasting, value adding relationships with all its clients and partners.

Brent Wheeler

Brent Wheeler

Brent Wheeler was trained as a geographer initially and his Ph.D is in economic geography. The economist came to dominate and he has spent a 30 year career studying, learning and applying economics (often annoyingly) to most things. His special loves are capital markets, law and economics, everyday economics and a belief that better understanding comes from integrating apparently disparate interests.

Brent Wheeler helps all types of businesses and organisations to make better decisions and to maintain their competitive edge by providing economic, corporate finance, investment banking and public policy advice.

Brent Wheeler – General 2020

Brent Wheeler – General + Valuation 2020


Rosemary Harris

Rosemary Harris

Rosemary Harris began her career in Finance, working in non-bank institutional lending and management sectors of the Finance industry. She broadened her management experience working in various sectors including healthcare and has a Diploma of Business Management. Rosemary’s interests are in everyday economics and its application to policy issues and business management.

In Brent Wheeler Group Rosemary’s focus is on financial and administrative management of the company and several of its partners, as well as IT and research support for the firm’s operations and activities.

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