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Obesity or scaremongering

6th July 2018

Obesity or scaremongering

Evidently TWO million New Zealanders will be obese in 20 years’ time,  or so new research reveals in the ODT this week.

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Politics - the ignorant resource allocator

3rd July 2018

Annie Duke reports that in a large scale survey in the US recently:

  1. Republican voters....... believed 36% of Democrats were gay, lesbian or bisexual
  2. The actual proportion of these genders was 2%.

Across the divide

  1. Amongst Democrat voters believed 44% of Republicans earned over $250,k pa.
  2. the actual proportion earning that was 2%

With this level of "understanding" is it wise to allow any government too clsoe to policy making ?


Remember Y2K

26th June 2018

Remember the Y2K bug?  Steven Pinker has a nice reminder of our vulnerability to techno-apolcalyptic delusions in his book "Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress.

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Evolution can be misunderstood

18th June 2018

We are only some vague portion of a much wider universe. This video shows that the idea that we are in charge of the destiny of the universe is nonsensical

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Speaking of Poverty

18th May 2018

Believe it or not there has been a huge reduction in extreme poverty in the past 40-odd years.

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